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Our school held the academic report of "Application of Structural Equation Model in the Construction of Index System"

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2018/08/16 09:19
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On the afternoon of December 30th, the academic activities of the school-level trade union jointly organized by the Trade Union College of Business Administration and the School of Key Discipline Offi
On the afternoon of December 30th, the academic activities of the school-level trade union jointly organized by the Trade Union College of Business Administration and the School of Key Discipline Offices of Enterprise Management--《Ph.D. Forum (II)》 series of academic reports were held in the Education Technology Building C201. Dr. Jin Yanqing, a member of the office, was presided over by Dr. Hu Yangcheng, and more than 20 teachers from the School of Business Administration and other departments attended the report.
At the report, Dr. Jin combined with the high-quality papers published by Chinese scholars in this field and his own research and exploration during the doctoral period, focusing on the reasons for constructing the index system with SEM, how to use SEM in the construction of index system, and the application of SEM. The problem "three contents" describes the application process of the structural equation model. And for the structural equation model, the preliminary guiding conception of the use of each major in our college is carried out.
The participating teachers showed great interest in the content of the report. They continued to communicate and interact during the teaching process, and explored the process of integration with their respective research fields and achieved positive results. It is conducive to promoting academic enthusiasm of the faculty and staff of the college and forming a good academic atmosphere. (Text / Figure Hu Linchun)


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