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Our school held the "National Natural Science Foundation Reporting Skills and Precautions" Academic Report

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2018/08/16 09:18
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On the afternoon of September 16, a series of academic activities signed by the School of Business Administration of the School of Business Administration and the School of Key Discipline Offices of E
On the afternoon of September 16, a series of academic activities signed by the School of Business Administration of the School of Business Administration and the School of Key Discipline Offices of Enterprise Management, the "Ph.D. Forum (3)" series of academic reports were held in North A501. This report was prepared by Dean Deng Liming. Hosted by Dr. Hu Yangcheng, a member of the Discipline Office, more than 20 people from the School of Business Administration and some teachers from the Foreign College attended the report.
At the report, Dr. Hu combined his experience in successfully applying for the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and focused on the National Natural Science Fund Project in four aspects: “Fund Project Profile, Fund Project Review Procedure, Fund Project Review Requirements and How to Write an Application”. The reporting and review process is fully elaborated, with an emphasis on how to write an application.
The participating teachers showed a strong interest in the contents of the report and exchanged ideas on the research topics they had conceived. The response was enthusiastic. At the same time as the backbone of scientific research in the agglomeration college, it greatly promotes the integration and common progress of the disciplines, laying a solid foundation for the successful declaration of the 2015 national-level projects of the college. (Text / Figure Hu Linchun)



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