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Our school held the academic report on "Quantitative Research on Logistics and Supply Chain Operation"

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2018/08/16 09:20
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On the afternoon of December 26th, the academic activities of the school-level trade union jointly organized by the Trade Union College of Business Administration and the School of Key Discipline Offi
On the afternoon of December 26th, the academic activities of the school-level trade union jointly organized by the Trade Union College of Business Administration and the School of Key Discipline Offices of Enterprise Management--《Ph.D. Forum (II)》 series of academic reports were held in Education Technology Building C204. Dr. Yi Dongbo, a member of the office, was presided over by Dr. Hu Yangcheng, and more than 20 teachers from the School of Business Administration and other departments attended the report.
At the conference, Dr. Yi focused on the hot issues of logistics and supply chain operations, combined with a large number of international mainstream journals related quantitative research literature, the general status of quantitative analysis of logistics and supply chain operations, current major quantitative research methods and representative academic and expert academics. The viewpoint is systematically described, summarizing its own academic findings and scientific research based on a large number of literature studies, sharing the main research directions and specific ideas of recent research work with the teachers present, and discussing the intersection of the quantitative method and the specific academic research. Possible research trends, the response is warm. (Text / Figure Hu Linchun)



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