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Beijing Rongzhi Corporate Social Responsibility Research Institute was established on March 30, 2009. Its predecessor was Beijing Rongzhi Corporate Social Responsibility Research Institute, which was officially upgraded to the Institute in September 2016. We are a professional organization that is officially registered with the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and is responsible for the research and consultation of social responsibility and sustainable development in China.


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About 150 people from university representatives and media representatives attended the meeting. The guests discussed the public transparency of the company in depth, and the meeting laid the foundation for the follow-up study on the public transparency of Chinese companies.



2014 China Enterprise Sustainable Competitiveness Annual Meeting
On December 21, 2014, the 2014 China Corporate Sustainable Competitiveness Annual Conference was held in Beijing. With the theme of “Social Responsibility Maturity and Corporate Public Transparency”, this year's annual meeting will discuss the relationship between corporate social responsibility maturity, corporate public transparency and sustainable corporate competitiveness, aiming to promote Chinese enterprises to strengthen social responsibility management. Enhance sustainable competitiveness and make positive contributions to promoting sustainable economic and social development.
This year's annual meeting issued the "China Enterprise Public Transparency Report (2014-2015) NO.1", the first time a systematic evaluation of the public transparency construction of China's top 200 enterprises. At the same time, the theory of “Social Responsibility Maturity” was first proposed, and the “China's Listed Companies' Social Responsibility Maturity Report (2014)” was released. The conference also held the “2014 China Banking Social Responsibility Management Forum” and the “2014 Provincial Power Grid Company Public Transparency Management Forum”.
On December 18, 2016, the 4th Annual Conference on Sustainable Competitiveness of Chinese Enterprises was held at the National Convention Center. With the theme of “‘social responsibility+' to promote enterprise innovation and upgrading”, this year's annual conference will explore how to transform and upgrade enterprises through social responsibility management innovation under the background of increasing downward pressure on the economy and urgent demand for innovation.
For the first time, the conference used the concept of “social responsibility +” and hoped to promote the full integration of social responsibility management with current economic and social development. The guests discussed the topic of “social responsibility + sustainable competitiveness”, “social responsibility + communication innovation”, “social responsibility + overseas community relations” and other hot topics. The meeting released the "China Corporate Public Transparency Report (2016-2017) NO.3", which is the third consecutive year that the conference released the China Top 200 Enterprise Transparency Report.
The conference held the China Top 200 Corporate Transparency Awarding Ceremony for 41 companies including China Mobile, China FAW, Tencent, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Chinalco, China Construction, China Southern Power Grid, Taiyuan Iron and Steel, China CRRC, and China Development Bank. The Public Transparency Model Award, the Best Social Communication Innovation Award, the Best Social Responsibility Report Award, the Best Environmental Information Disclosure Award, the Best Community Relations Award, and the Best Overseas Communication Practice Award were presented.