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Social responsibility report evaluation

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Thechasersarehappyforeachgain,butthefrontrunnersregretfortheloss. TheStateGridCorporation's2016SocialResponsibilityReportwasrecentlyreleasedandreceivedmanypraisesfromtheindustry.Astheleaderofdomestics
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The chasers are happy for each gain, but the front runners regret for the loss.
The State Grid Corporation's 2016 Social Responsibility Report was recently released and received many praises from the industry. As the leader of domestic social responsibility management and the initiator of social responsibility report, it is praised and reasonable. Unexpectedly, when we interviewed the author of the report, Liu Xinfang (Director of the Social Responsibility Division of the State Grid Corporation of China), he did not have the hard work of voicing, and did not praise the highlights of the report, but he uttered the report’s “Six Majors”. regret".
Visual regret: the experience can be better
There is no doubt that a report is in front of you, first of all giving a visual impression. Cover design, text layout, and report paper are all important elements that make up the visual experience. It is widely believed that there is a big change in the cover of this year's report of the State Grid. This cover was selected by the writing team from 25 design proposals. Even so, there is still room for improvement.
Liu Xinfang believes that a good report cover should have three levels: see yourself, see the world, see the sentient beings. It is not necessary to design the elements of the company on the cover, but be sure to let the reader read and understand you. This requires companies to find their own relationship with the social environment, the relationship with people, see the world, see the sentient beings, let the readers feel the existence behind you in the heavens and the earth. Businesses are often accustomed to showing as many corporate elements as possible on the cover, as if they are not using this treasure. actually not.
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