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Notice on Recruiting Think Tank Experts and Call for Proposals from China Corporate Social Responsibility Research Center

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2018/08/30 14:20
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The China Corporate Social Responsibility Research Center (CSR Research Center) is a research institution affiliated to the Southern Weekend Research Institute. It is based on the “Three Lists” select
The China Corporate Social Responsibility Research Center (CSR Research Center) is a research institution affiliated to the Southern Weekend Research Institute. It is based on the “Three Lists” selected in 2003 (including the China (Mainland) Private Enterprise Responsibility List, World 500). Strong corporate contribution list in China, China's state-owned listed corporate social responsibility list), aims to actively promote the research and practice of corporate social responsibility issues in China from the media perspective.
The CSR Research Center intends to recruit CSR think tank experts from the whole society, adopt self-recommendation and targeted invitations, and announce the final list to the public. It is planned to hold a closed-door meeting of experts in Guangzhou in the middle and late August, mainly to discuss the updating, improvement, selection rules and processes of the evaluation indicators of the three rankings. In the same period, the collection and feedback of online suggestions will be made to experts who are not present. . The CSR Research Center's 2018 research will be launched in late September, and the research and evaluation system will adopt updated indicators and rules.